Why monitoring and evaluation is important?

Monitoring and evaluation process, how will this process help in fulfilling the project goals, let’s discuss it.

Over the world, many projects are initiated and implemented to help and improve the standard of living of the people. When you look at the statistics of successful project completion and goal achievement, it shows lists of both the top projects and projects left in a poor state. The factor behind the poor condition entails by many.

Talking about the sustainability of the project, every project is planned, initiated, implemented and also a budget is geared to accomplish the project. But monitoring and evaluation are not considered as a crucial metric to drive the project. Embedding monitoring and evaluation process in the project will increase the prudent lifespan.

What is monitoring and evaluation?

Monitoring and evaluation can be done by the donors who are donating and the NGOs to keep tracking their projects.

Monitoring and evaluation are seen as the same, but they are different. Monitoring is a systematic process of collecting insights that regard to the long term progress of the project. Monitoring is tracking and analyzing the key element of the project like inputs, progression, difficulties, and results.

Evaluation is a time-specific episodic assessment process, which systematically analyzes the project targeted results, sustainability, and programme performance.

Importance of monitoring and evaluation for donors

Monitoring and evaluation is a systematic approach to evaluate the project. How does it help the donors? Well, donors who are ready to donate will be searching for the right NGOs.

After choosing the right NGO and donating the money, the donor gets no clear insight about what is the process, where the money is transferred and who are the beneficiaries. Monitoring and evaluating the development of the project will help you to understand whether the NGO is a reliable partner and the strategies used to accomplish the project goal by the NGO

How will you (donor) monitor and evaluate?

SocioLadder, the technical platform for global fundraising will help you find the right NGOs to donate and to get a clear idea about the beneficiaries

SocioLadder will help you to map and track each phase of your NGO’s project. Evaluating the outcome of the project and sustainability of the project as a donor will help you to get an idea of whether to donate further for the project accountability of the NGO. You can also provide suggestions and thoughts to improve the project.

Monitoring and evaluating for NGOs

Monitoring and evaluating for NGOs will help to analyze the strategic changes and review the outcomes for further development

Monitor and evaluation process should also be considered as a crucial process and should be processed so after the initiation phase.

  • The monitoring and evaluating process should have plans
  • The overall plan and goals to accomplish
  • The baseline ideas, insights and monitoring process
  • The data source of resources to be used
  • Detailed phases of architecture and desired result achievement
  • Description of the budget and timelines to act upon.

Points to consider, when you develop an M&E

  • Monitoring the project and delivering a milestone and output details will guide you to identify the prudent sustainability of the project.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the output of the project. Analyzing the outcome of the project, and the reach, whether it is attained as expected
  • Follow the beneficiaries to get the outcome results and to predict the sustainability of the project.

Consider the example of a meal providing project for school children.

Monitor the plan from its initiation, check whether the project plan proceeds in the way it has to be done.

Monitoring and evaluating the process like whether food is sufficing the need. Knowing this will help you identify the working of the strategy and any imperfection to be corrected

Preparing an instance of expected output and evaluate each phase of the output. Like, whether food is reaching every single child in the school for the day and are they satisfied with the food.

Monitoring and evaluating the output will succor you to drill down your project and to make a prudent standard improvement

Monitoring the outcomes and impact, when monitoring the output of the project. Say, meal providing for school kids this will help you to understand whether the food is sufficient and with which you can perceive an idea whether your project has accomplished the desired goal. You can monitor the impact of the project by checking the nutrients level of the kids and compare it with their previous results.

End of the line

Monitoring and evaluation are one of the important metrics to be carried out from the initial stage of the project. Instead of making this process as for the sake of fulfilling documentation, entail it to the fundamentals of the project. Monitoring and evaluation will bring NGO transparency, donors must know about how the given budget is administered. Through M&E make clear visible strategies and plans. With the plans, you can communicate with the donors and the public to promote your project.

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