SocioLadder Foundation is currently focused on Covid19 response

SocioLadder foundation is currently focused on Covid19 response. Mr. Shravan Charya, Founder and CEO, SocioLadder foundation speaks about his plans to scale up the charity programs in India and different countries to provide services to COVID-19 patients and help them.

1.   How do you see the growth of charity and crowdfunding as a concept in India?

Ans – Charity is driven by situational emotion or can be labeled as way of life and we prefer to choose the latter. As charities being high on passion and low on budgets, they struggle to reach the donor market, in the absence of appropriate marketing tools and technology that has the potential to enhance the impact and visibility. It is never that people do not care about charity, but devoid of trustworthy and best platforms to share, this culture is yet to accelerate. Facilitating with the technology and required tools, Socioladder’s offer of unmatched transparency to a donor, charitable giving is set to grow exponentially in India.

2. Please share your programs running or your plan to run in India and US under SL?

Ans – SL Foundation is currently focused on a Covid19 response and had a long term strategy for education transformation via Infra improvements including Clean Water & Sanitation in Schools. Evidence of impact & last-mile beneficiary visibility led financial support and psycho-social well-being is the current focus of SocioLadder Foundation’s COVID 19 response for India and US respectively. Accelerated economic revival and restoration of the post-Covid19 narrative depends significantly on conserving the emotional and psychological well-being of the populations globally, given the unprecedented impact of social distancing and mass lockdown has on mental well being.

3. What are your plans for 2020?

Ans – SocioLadder plans to empower charities in achieving transparency and efficiencies in fundraising. Our goal is to bring down cost of fundraising from over 45% (currently) to under 10% by using Blockchain technology. In 2020 we plan to increase the number of charities on our platform to 100 and number of projects to 500 in India and half of those on US and Australia. We already work with leading charities in UAE such as Dubai Cares and al Jalila, both founded by the Ruler of Dubai. We plan to grow exponentially across the GCC including Saudi Arabia from where we have a government invite.

4. How do you plan to scale up the charity programs in different countries?

Ans – We are currently running operations in India, US, UAE & Australia. Donors and charity registrations are not bound by countries. Our platform ensures that the programs are all aligned to United Nations sustainable development Goals (SDGs) and other in-country standards- and it is as easy as a few registration steps to get access to our repository of donors and charitable projects. With our partnership with UN GCNI for the co-creation of (India’s premier sustainability network), we plan to scale exponentially this year.

5.  How SL plans to provide services to COVID-19 patients and help them?

Ans – In UAE, we have partnered with al Jalila foundation & Dubai Cares (both) founded by Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum-The prime minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai – to raise funds for medical treatments for COVID Impacted patients and Education to be uninterrupted. In India & US-100% transparent system for providing economic support for those directly or indirectly impacted by the COVID-19 emergency. Offer free Psycho-Social counseling resources. The program is highly scalable due to the fully automated and transparent model it follows via SocioLadder’s proprietary tech. It is this transparency that we make sure to provide the complete list of the beneficiaries through every donation made in this program, which is an unmatched characteristic of any platform, globally.

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